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DUE Shield

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Is this board plug-n-play with the Due? Or do we still need to make the Due board mods as outlined in the GITHub article? Here -->

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Nobody knows? A part was made an no one knows the specifics?

This should work by plugging it onto the DUE and using the Due-branch for firmware.
Tuning the software you plan to use is not that easy and can be dangerous for your Maslow.
(twice i needed the ‘emergency stop’ as the sled would have been pulled up till pulled apart. Not with this shield, however, with a self built one). Just be careful and prepared.

Kind regards, Gero

I understand the software pitfalls. And I have a firm grasp of the project as outlined in the github instructions. What I am having some difficulty with is if the Due Shield sold by maker made can just plug in and go with a Arduino Due. Am i using a power supply appropriate to a Due or the power supply that came with the mega? Seems like I’d use a new/different power supply. But also the motors have a different power requirement than the Due which kinda suggests I may need both power supplies.

The Due runs from USB power, the motor shield can run with original power supply.
Notice that this shield is built from a ‘pre-suggestion’ and does not have over-current protection (edit: as far as i know).
A stronger power supply is not recommended.

Easy enough, is there a recommendation for power supply voltage and current? And thanks for your help.

I think the original power for the shield is 12V/5A

Edit: went to the workshop and confirmed the numbers

Awesome, thank you.

Hope to see you get it running, so i can copy what you did :wink:

You may not have noticed but this is supplied by @MakerMadeCNC so you should “tag” them in your questions.

Also, there are a few threads on specifics of the due for Maslow. Take a look at this one:

Yes, but neither of those threads address the @MakerMadeCNC DueShield. In fact @MakerMadeCNC references that same link on the DueShield page. So I’m guessing that link needs to be updated for the @MakerMadeCNC DueShield data and instructions. They added some configuration data last week but zero for the hardware itself.

Any pro version of this should get the sled off the part before anything else.

One tag is fine, but tagging the same person 3 times in a single post is a bit exessive, and might get you flagged as a spammer by the board software, fyi.

The DUE shield we sell runs off of the power 12V power supply used for the 1.2 shield in our kits. This also supplies the power to the DUE board itself.