3D printed loops that screw into the rigid handle

Has anyone designed some loops with screws that fit the ridgid router in order to better hold the bungee hooks?

Like this?



Do you have a picture of those in action? I was hoping to get a pair that use the preexisting threads from when I removed the handles.

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Ah ok, I might need something like that too!

What I’m talking about it something with a hoop on it that I can screw into the old handle threads.

I cut off two carriage bolts leaving about 5/16” of thread. They snug down with the square against the router base and a bungee hooks on nicely.


I’ve hand cut this AEG cap with a scroll saw.

AEG CAP.dxf (233.9 KB)


A clear sled! Brilliant!


So to be clear the threads for the bolts that hold the handles are 5/16? I’m considering 3d printing something for this. I’ve 3d printed as small as m6 threads in the past. 5/16 might be thick enough where plastic could support the force from the bungee

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I think they’re 5/16-18 threads. Let us know how it goes, this would make a good addition to the Community Garden!