Ridgid Router 3D printed dust collector coupler

Hi all.

I bought a Maslow kit last year but am only now putting it together. I just bought a used Ridgid r2911 (which I think is the same as the r22002 more or less) and it was missing the dust collector fitting. So I modeled a new fitting in Rhino and printed it on my 3D printer. My shop vac has a 1.8" diameter hose - so this new fitting is sized to fit to that.

I haven’t really used it yet, but I thought I’d post it here in case anyone else needs one or would appreciate it.

Here’s a pic of the model:

Lemme know if anyone else wants the model or stl files for printing.




Here’s another image of the model:


And here’s a pic of the printed part:


If you do want to share the files, you can use the Community Garden.


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Great contribution to the community!


Ok - I just added it to the Community Garden.


Oh wow, thank you. This is probably going on my printer this weekend.

I’ve got the original Ridgid hose adapter, but with the way my router is mounted, it would aim the hose upward from the router. I’ve been afraid to hook it up because it would end up putting a lot of angular and lateral force on the sled.

This looks like it will let the hose hang downward, which will work a lot better.

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Also, if anyone wants to use this with different vacuum hose sizes - just let me know and I’ll make a modified model and stl for that. I would need the od measurement.


Hey do you still have the file? I’ll like to try it.

Which file would you like? the stl? I could also give you the rhino file? Happy to help.