3D printed vacuum hose adapter

Hello, Everyone

I was running into an issue where my vacuum hose would push up against the floor and ruin my cut for those projects cutting close the bottom of the work-area.

I tried finding an elbow, but none of them were either the right size or would put way to much stress on the clear router dust port.

I designed this 90 degree “mounted elbow.” basically fits the Rigid’s router port and 2.5in (45mm) “Dustopper” hose.

Attaches with #10x3 screw, which will go into the sled aprox 10mm

image maslow_90_vaccum.stl (414.4 KB)

Here is the STL I hope it helps you too.



Are the screws beneath the surface in the dark? Nice!

Yup! They’re in there so you don’t have to use a super long one.

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