What sizes are yall's dust collector hoses

What sizes are everyone’s dust collector hoses? I want to make files for all the options.

Let me know what sizes you would like to use and if its an inside or outside diameter and I’ll make files for them.

Right now I have 40mm, 1.5in and 2in

Whatever size hose I can get - no options here, except for what comes with a vacuum cleaner

But what size is on your vacuum cleaner? I’ll make an adapter for it.

My little shopvac is 34.5mm, my slightly bigger shop vac is 31mm(why? I dunno), and the hose pipe I took off a dead domestic vacuum is also 34.5mm.

The 34.5mm I think is a standard-ish small domestic vacuum hose pipe fitting size. Roughly 1 3/8" - which is fairly close to 35mm.

The various pipes they plug into all have a little flex - so maybe use ABS?

The hose on my shop vac is tapered, so it’s hard to say where the best place to measure it is, so I went to the table saw that I usually plug it into. The port on the back of my table saw is cyllindrical with a 2.31" i.d.

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Done :slight_smile: I’ve added that to the list of options.

I have a 2.5" ID hose I plan on using.

This one to be exact:


Excellent! I’ve added a 2.5 inch option. I also extended the hose attachment part slightly to give some room for that clamp to clamp on.


I use a dust collector, not a vacuum, so the hose is 4". On my M2 I believe the dust port is 2.5" and I use a 90 degree adapter elbow to go from 2.5 to 4". I’m just saying that a standard dust collector hose is 4".

Another very common size for small vacuum cleaners is 1-1/4". My small shop vac and bucket heads all use 1-1/4" hoses.


Great suggestions. I’ve added a 4" and 1.25" option. The 4" option is pretty comically large so I don’t know if it’s really going to work quite right, but I figure it’s worth a shot

Don’t see why it shouldn’t work. The worst case I can see would be that the dust would be sucked into the 4" hose and then because the air velocity would decrease greatly with the increase in cross section, the dust might drop out there. This could be remedied by drilling some holes in the end cap to get some more flow into the 4" hose. That would add some noise, but should help push dust down the hose.

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That is an interesting idea and very worth a try. I hadn’t thought about the difference in velocity, but you are right that it would be an easy fix to get the velocity in the hose up with some extra vents.

If you are putting vents into the design, I would profile the inlet like, well, an inlet, with a curved profile to avoid separations around the corner. This would reduce noise. It’s probably best to wait and see, since not using vents at all will reduce the noise even further.

It’s nice when my obscure professional knowledge is actually useful in everyday life.

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That is the best thing about the forums! Everyone here has brilliant deep knowledge in different fields and together collectively we know way more than any one person and we can come up with brilliant solutions. No one company could ever afford to hire this many smart people. At least we never would be able to hire this many creative and smart people.

Just ordered the Maslow4. Very excited! I don’t have a 3d printer and was wondering if anybody is selling a dust collector adapter?

I linked a quick video on how I order 3D printed parts without needing a 3D printer on the page where the file downloads are, but given that it only has 3 views it seems like it’s not clearly displayed enough :man_facepalming:

Here’s how you can easily order them anywhere in the world:

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Quite a few libraries have free access to 3d printers as well

I am surprised to read people have to 3d print this critical part. Can maslow 4 be run without a dust collector? Wonnt’ dust build up and start getting into the motors and screwign them up? I would of gladly paid extra for a premade injection molded one. Yeah I get that there are differnet hose sizes, but maybe make it with a multi sized opening that people can cut off to fit their hose size.

Running it without the dust collector doesn’t cause any issues, it’s nice to have for tidiness, but certainly not necessary.

The real issue with the dust collector attachment part is that it’s a really deep overhang so the mold was VERY expensive. It would have added $30+ to the price of the machine and we would have had to pick just one size of dust hose to support. It’s possible to change sizes with adapters, but in my experience they end up being bulky and causing problems.

3D printing them actually ends up being cheaper and you get exactly the right size for your dust collector (if you want one).

It’s a bit of an experiment and I could be wrong. I’m open to feedback and doing a molded version down the road if it seems like there is one size that everyone wants. Or more likely we could order a bunch of 3D printed options and sell them with the machine. That’s what we were hoping to do, but we didn’t want to delay getting the kits out.

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