6 Days, ONE calibration (but awful cuts, so I started over)

Center point deviation, I get:

  • TL: 0.160
  • TR: 0.454
  • BL: 4.622
  • BR: -52.065

Those seem…concerning.

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That tracks. At one point I was having some issues with belts unspooling during jogs; I thought maybe fully extending, then retracting each belt would address any artifacts (belt oddities on the spool) from those incidents.

Starting a calibration after fully extending and retracting each belt, my center point deviation for bottom right was -52.065. :flushed:

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That does seem high…it generally seems like there might be something funky going on with your right arm.

When you do “Retract All” what values does it print out? That would tell us if the right arm is losing position

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Retract all - extend all - retract all:

[MSG:INFO: Top Left pulled tight with offset -58.877]
[MSG:INFO: Top Right pulled tight with offset 0.129]
[MSG:INFO: Bottom Left pulled tight with offset 0.193]
[MSG:INFO: Bottom Right pulled tight with offset 2.555]

Also, the bottom right encoder had an issue yesterday…the Maslow lost it. I jiggled the CAT 5 cable and ultimately reversed it, and it hasn’t thrown the error since.

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I ran the last set of measurements through Excel Solver and it improved things slightly (compared to the iteration before):

Start Excel
Maslow_tlX 48.6 49.80
Maslow_tlY 2372.3 2,350.48
Maslow_trX 3504 3,512.27
Maslow_trY 2417.6 2,407.95
Maslow_blX 0 0
Maslow_blY 0 0
Maslow_brX 3518.3 3,534.44
Maslow_brY 0 0
SSE = 4,282.2 3,385.2
Avg. Dist = 4.30 4.09
Max Dist = 16.70 16.45
‘Fitness’ = 0.2323 0.2446

Note that my ‘fitness’ is not the same as Bar’s as I don’t know exaactly what formula he is using.

Given the large ‘Max Distance’ there does seem to be something wrong with that set of measurements - you can’t get good frame dimensions from distorted measurements.


The top left and bottom right (but especially top left) both seem concerning here. We want these numbers to be as close to zero as possible. The only thing that I’ve seen which can cause that is either having the magnets not in the right spot or having them not glued in fully so that they can rotate in place.

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I’m going to take the machine apart…which magnets specifically are implicated?

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I would check the top left and bottom right ones.

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The magnet in the pinch rollers that the belt goes through. If the magnet slips,
or isn’t positioned correctly, the encoder will almost work, but not be

David Lang


I found both those magnets in the bearing over the detector. Hopefully that’s all, because that’s a bit of work.

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I found the suspect magnets in the bearing over the detector. Reglued and trying again.

On an unrelated note, I’ve now had the latch part of two of the CAT 5 cables break, which has been the cause of a couple of “encoder not detected” errors. I’ve taped the broken ends so that they stay connected (at the board size; not really a way to do that on the encoder side), but…

Guess I’ll be ordering replacements and spares…Maui can be a little tricky with stuff like that not being in stock.

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I reglued the magnets and got a decent calibration first try (0.455 at the end of a 2000x1000 9x9 with retraction and calibration threshold set at 1500). :tada::tada::tada:

Started a test cut and almost immediately TR current exceeded 4000, and it stopped.

Rather than just trying again and hoping for the best, I thought I’d check in with those who got me this far.



I just got these in the mail: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HEM54DK?ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details&th=1 and will be attaching them tomorrow. Not sure how available they are in HI.


Amazon often saves the day! If I lived on Oʻahu it would be different, but…I like Maui.

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I wonder if having the router speed set too high could cause this? I just noticed that the 18,000 rpm I wanted is MUCH lower on the router dial than the highest setting, which is where I had the dial. Doh!

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How does the tension in the belts feel? This error message generally means that the belts are too tight for the machine to move comfortably.

If you use the jog buttons to move around does everything feel reasonably tight?

They seem taut. I’m not clear on how to tell if they’re too taut, nor on what to do if they are.

BTW, @bar, I’m really grateful for all you’ve done for me and everybody. Mahalo!

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We’re doing our best :grinning:

Generally that error message is there to protect the belts if they are about to break which is a pretty wild amount of tension. I think you should be good to ignore it and try again.

The problem is, I hesitate to start a “money cut”—something we need done on expensive plywood—if I can’t do anything except hope. And when it says, “start at line xxx,” I don’t know how to do that.

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