M4 Calibration Fitness to low, and Also asking for Login and Password

First time Getting a chance to Calibrate. I updated the Firmware to the newest Beta FW. and Index page. Now when I go to Maslow.Local, It’s asking for a Login and Password. I hit cancel, and it let me proceed.

I measured from pin to pin for my frame and thats 2413H x 2959.1W
Orientation is Vertical
Calibration Grid 2438W X 1219H
Points : 9x9
Retraction 1500

I am running a Vertical Frame, and I have performed the retract, extend, retract extend, take slack, Calibrate.

It is still running through the completion of the calibration but all of my Fitness numbers are 0.61 So with everything I am seeing in the forum I am assuming that’s going to read to low.

When I go to run this again must I retract, and extend all again? Not easy trying to Hang pin these in with all that weight hanging when you are 7Ft+ up I keep praying its not going to slip out of my hands while I’m trying to pin it in place.

Yes, unfortunately you will have to do this a lot… any time you power it off (or hit “stop”) at this point. I know this is on Bar’s list to address these things but it may be a while to get there, as the current calibration issues seem more important. I may be able to pitch in for this feature, but I have limited time to spend on it and certainly any maslow arduino code I write would need thorough review and testing too.

Others have rigged up a way to bungee cord the maslow to the top center of the frame to help in holding it during hanging. I have built a little shelf half way up the left side that I can do all the retract/extend on, then hang the left top and left bottom while its on the shelf (I have a stepstool on each side for hanging the tops). Then I carefully hold the right-top cord at the end and work my way over to the top right. I’ve gotten to where it seems not nearly as bad as it was at first.

I have a 12’ x 8’ frame in vertical portrait orientation. I have temporarily moved down my top anchors to 8` until we figure our all the calibration errors and get the feature of the maslow saving its position over restarts, as having a ladder involved makes it very difficult.


@bar any idea on the Login/Password screen?

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I’ve never seen that before, can you snap a screenshot?

I can’t find any reference to that screen in the FluidNC docs…is it possible that screen is coming from the WiFi router and not Maslow?

What happens if you press cancel?

Actually now that I Look at that IP Address… Its my Wifi Camera that I have pointed on the Frame. I forgot that I connected the camera into the Maslow screen for where it says camera. My apologies for wasting your time on that.

My frame is outside under my Pavilion, so I set the camera up so I could keep an eye on things while I am inside, or doing other things.

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Glad you found it on your own. I ran into a similar confusion when I put my wifi password into the maslow and suddenly no longer pointed to the maslow. Took me a minute to figure it out.

I’m running into a similar problem and just found this thread. What was your solution here? We have a number of cameras on our network, but I haven’t set any up with the Maslow. As of yesterday, this login roadblock seems to be preventing me from connecting to the machine at all.

Any solutions found?

If you hit cancel you should be able to continue. did you add one of the cameras into the Maslow? there is a camera Tab. if you logged into one of your cameras using this tab. just remove the settings and it will not come up any more

I had a random camera on our large network that got assigned a duplicate IP.