A Fusion 360 Post Processor

It looks like we’ve got a Fusion post processor!

Would anyone be willing to test it out?



That is Awesome.

Thank you

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It looks like they may have forked this off the TinyG post proc.

switch (radiusCompensation) { case RADIUS_COMPENSATION_LEFT: error(localize("Cutter compensation with G41 is not supported by TinyG CNC control.")); return;

So, perhaps it could be tweaked further to do exclusions…

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Way cool! No excuse not to learn it now. :rofl:


this video is informative for customizing Fusion360’s Post Processor.

hope this helps,

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per this thread: Accuracy on 4x8 area ,

@rerskins notes the fact (now obvious after some thought) that MaslowCNC cuts better vertical lines on the ‘upstroke’ and postulates that we can optimize Fusion360 preferences to minimize machine motions that are more problematic.

(ie: downward cuts, on the outside of the machine boundaries, where sled friction and gravity and chain sag all work against the direction of cut.)

I’m sure that (given the sheer number of different CAM machines and operations Fusion360 accounts for) there’s some amount of control available to set this, but I haven’t yet found where in Fusion360 one would set these preferences, so keep an eye out!



Does anyone have a different link? The Autodesk forums are down till Monday. This was my first weekend off in a long time…

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Here’s a copy I grabbed last week, haven’t tried it though: maslowcnc.cps (35.1 KB)

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