Question about fusion 360 and cutting opperations

Been posting here a while and its usually very helpful so I have another round of questions.

Recently got my Maslow back up and running and let me tell you, if you spend the time this thing can get really accurate.

My most recent project is an arcade cabinet of my own design, I put a lot of work into the CAD and Design portion of it in Fusion. My Frustrations start when I get into the manufacturing part of fusion.

When cutting my first control panel I noted that when performing a 2D pocket it would center punch to a depth then follow its cut path but then it will retract much higher then my work surface, then return to the center plunge deeper then rinse and repeat until finished. The issue is it retracting too high and all the wasted time. what settings do I need to do so that it does not have to retract on every pass and can simply plunge, perform cut, recenter then plunge deeper. I don’t know if this makes since but essentially I want it to skip the step of retracting way past the height of the work surface before plunging again. This wouldn’t be a problem if the Z axis wasn’t so slow but it adds like 10 minutes to each operation and when that’s compounded in to 20 or 30 operations it adds a significant amount of time to the total cut.

So what box do I need to check to stop fusion from telling it to do this?

I’m working on a GCode postprocessor, and I’m looking at that problem right now:

I can’t tell you which box to (un)check in Fusion 360. But if you’re willing to PM me a sample of the offending GCode I’d really appreciate it so that I can use it to develop the cleanup routine.

Keep an eye on your tool heights, I try to keep my tool to only go up 5 mm or so while traversing.


BTW, Fusion360 YouTube channel is doing a live stream tomorrow morning on GRBL CNC. They do try to answer questions in some of the past ones they have done.

Uhhggg I feel stupid now! Thanks so much for your reply, exactly what I was looking for and yes the timing can’t be more perfect for the live event. Definitely going to watch. Do you know if it will be recorded as I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it at that time?

Question about the retraction though, does the retraction always happen above the work piece or does it only do it so many mm from the previous cut?

I think you want to check the box “keep tool down”, which I believe is in the linking tab.

That makes since. I’ll give it a try on something simple before doing a large cut. Thanks for the reply.