How good is the Maslow?

Hi Guys,

Im seriously looking at getting a Maslow, I have been watching the project for a couple of years now. I just guess that I wanted to know how steep the learning curve is for using it?

I can use fusion 360 pretty well for designing stuff for my 3d printer, but it makes the g-code automatically, is the g-code for maslow made auto? or does the user have to define the cut paths etc?

Also, I have a bosch 1200 AE router with some makita router bits which have zero problems cutting 18mm MDF even on half spool speed. Can I realistically expect to get accurate cuts from the maslow on 18mm MDF in an unattended environment?

obviously I dont expect compete accuracy, but somethign repeatable that can be worked with would get the job done, repeatability is key.

I look forward to hearign what you think and joining the community

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The CAM process is pretty easy for Fusion 360. If you’re good designing with fusion your already over the biggest learning curve. Many on here will tell you not to leave your machine unattended, but you can definitely work on sumthing else in your shop while it does its thing. I’d recommend using the Ridgid 2200 as there is more comunty support for it, but other have used different routers so it can be done

Well, I have made many enclosure designs in fusion, and a couple of flat panel designs that I have hand cut.

In terms of leaving the machiene unattended, well I learnt with my ultimaker 2 that it works 99% of the time but that 1% makes you regret it, lol. I guess I would have it cutting while im in the general area with an ear open.

Concerning the router, there is a link to a z-axis adaptor for it in the maslow store, so I assume its a reasonably good choice. I got that router because its price / performance ratio seemed good, and much better than all locally available ones.

Its good to hear that Fusion 360 is the steepest part of the learning curve.

Welcome! A link for the 1200AE

The accuracy depends on how accurate you build the frame, how accurate you can place the router on the sled and how good you get it calibrated. I’ve achieved < 4mm back in April 2017 and guess now < 2mm is achievable. The problem areas are the top of the sheet and the 2 down corners. In the centre I could cut to a 10th of a mm.
The repeatability is amazing. If you are 2mm of at one point of the sheet it will be the same on each pass. (until you change a setting or modify the hardware)

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To this point I have been impressed with the Maslow. Accuracy is really good for what you are paying. Repeatability is very good. I have had to stop a program due to inaccurate g-code (my error) and when the g-code is restarted the position is the same as the first cut.

Z-axis can be a bit finicky and is slow in moving up/down. Overall with a couple modifications the z-axis is also pretty accurate. I ran several parts with multiple passes for a groove in MDF and there was no noticable ridge that I could see or feel.

As for programming g-code in Fusion, I have had to select the entity in the part and what machining needs to be done. I have worked with inventor and other CAM software in the past and did not find it difficult. There are some good tutorials on youtube which can help you get started.

As for cutting 18mm MDF what size tooling are you using and what is the depth of the cut. I have used 1/4" upshear bits to cut 1/2" MDF, but have done so in 2-passes without issue.

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Can I realistically expect to get accurate cuts from the maslow on 18mm MDF in an unattended environment?

100% NO.

While in the hobbyist 3D-Printer world, leaving a (quality) machine unattended mostly works out ok, MaslowCNC is a more powerful machine with multiple possible hazards if left unattended. It doesn’t need to be mothered over while working, but someone does need to be ‘in the room’ and mindful to the machine AT ALL TIMES.

The default router is 2.5HP, draws ~10amps and is simply too much Power Tool to in any way recommend that it can be left unattended.


I agree. I already had my first bad experience that could have gone bad when I forgot to bring my z-axis up after drilling a hole. It heats up the hole and it could have started a fire.

So no leaving unattended!

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I think you should act fast and buy the kit, it looks like the next batch will take a while to prepare, so if you do not get this batch. Then you may be stuck with no options for long time.

the repeatability is very good, the accuracy is improving (and as noted, depends
on how solidly you build it and how accurately you measure it)

As for the g-code. It’s very similar to the situation with 3d printing, most of
the time you can just leave things at the defaults, but sometimes you need to
tweak it for the best results. There are going to be times when you want to cut
things in a specific order (for efficiency, or to keep parts from falling while
they are being cut for example), so you start off using the default settings and
learn more as you go.

the 3d modeling is the biggest thing to learn.

The next update is going to include pictures of a maslow that caught on fire and
burned up the router because it was left unattended and the router stopped with
the bit against material.

David Lang

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While we’ve all done it, giggle “3D printer on fire” for several examples on why that’s a really bad idea. Even the good stuff has on occasional problem, and you don’t want to burn your house down even if it’s only one time.

Another moose!

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Whilst i am waiting for my Maslow to be delivered, i did a fair amount of market research befoe i bought one.

The nearest machines that i could find to an equvalent of the Maslow, were the ShopBot, and the GoodEnoughHybridCNC.

Links here, and here, Hybrid CNC

The shopBot costs around £50,000 new, with another £20,000 for set-up, initial calibration, and, support. (Prices accurate as of 5 years ago, from someone who set up a workshop using one.)

The GoodEnoughHybridCNC, is an Open-Source HardWare design, which sells as a kit for 990 Euro’s. This base kit also needs expanding to be able to cut a full 4 by 8 sheet.

It does have the advantage of acting as a CNC-router, a 3d printer, and, a plasma cutter, with possible extensions to a lasercutter.

The main problem is that each of these activities requires a different form of extraction, noise suppression, power requirements, and safety requirements. so you would have to build a number of machines to get the full use of these capabilities.

  • The MaslowCNC is the only low-level competitor to the ShopBot that can carve a 4 by 8 sheet.

  • And it’s 1% of the price of a ShopBot.

Yes, it has different parameters to the ShopBot, but the Maslow design can be adapted to similar use.

  • Leaving ANY machine unattended when it’s being used, is a potential recipe for disaster.

Work Safely.

Do NOT be on Fire.

  • Rule Zero of the workshop i use. :smiley:

Words to live by, unless you’re a witch

Unless you are a firefighter…

Actually that did not make sense.


It is particularly embarrassing to have a fire if you are a firefighter. Let’s not ask how I know this.


How you know this?

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It’s equally embarrassing to call an ambulance if you’re a paramedic :grin:

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