A mini maslowish design on kickstarter

Mini Maslow…

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Seems very slow. Also if you have to leave the dumb robot sitting in the middle of your wall so it remembers where to go to erase - no thank you. 90% of their video showed the same 5-6 “designs.”

Wake me when it’s version 2.0 or 3.0, it’s faster, and can be removed and put back on and remember where it was, and I can erase the entire thing by hand instead of having to have the robot retrace it’s steps to do so. Oh, and at least 24 colors.


I backed it lol, I don’t mind if it is slow, you can use any markers with it, as long as it is accurate. Time will tell :slight_smile:


I’ll be curious to see how it turns out…

Interesting. You know the types of presentation with a second person painting/designing something on a whiteboard, flip chart or canvas? At the end of the presentation, you have something nice in the theme of the presentation.
I do these types of presentations, but then Scribit should keep up with my timing :slight_smile:

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