The Nov 1st Kickstarter Update is Posted

The November 1st Kickstarter Update is posted here:

But it is primarily a video update so to save you a click, the video is here:

Let me know if you have any comments or questions!


Maslow is enforcing their trademark? Well, I guess that puts the kibosh on my new company.
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I think you are in the clear on that one :joy:

As long as people know what they are buying :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m definitely joking there. I have plenty on my plate without starting a business.

ME TOO :laughing:

Got my stickers yesterday :grinning:
Nice envelope and stamp


Excellent!! I am glad to hear it. You are the first person that I have confirmation that they arrived so that’s good to hear.

Stamps and envelope choice was all @RomanG :smiley:


just a note, one place where the makermade machine is going to be clearly faster
than the maslow is in the processing of gcode. If you have tons of tiny
movements, their processor can handle the gcode parsing much faster.

we normally address this problem by suggesting fixing the CAM step or using

David Lang

I don’t think this is true, why would it be faster?

Edit: If anything I think it will be dramatically slower. The Maslow4 doesn’t stream the gcode to the machine one line at a time (which I believe is the bottleneck usually), instead the file is loaded entirely into onboard flash memory and then read by the ESP32 (which is a much faster processor) so we have a much faster file read speed and a much faster processor

ahh, I thought they were the due based system.

my mistake.

the line-at-a-time streaming is a bottleneck not due to the streaming speed, but
due to the time needed to parse the line, execute it, and grab the next line (as
I understand it)

David Lang

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I think that they are using the Due which has an 84mhz clock speed, but the ESP32 is dual core 240mhz :grin:

right, but if they are comparing to the original arduino mega @ 8MHz…

anyone claiming anything about maslow4 is just making it up as nobody has one to
test against.

David Lang


Ah I think we got our threads crossed, this is the Nov 1st Kickstarter update thread so I thought we were talking about the Maslow4 :stuck_out_tongue:

yep, I was talking about the comment you made in the update about makermade
claiming to be twice as fast as the maslow. That was them comparing it to the
old maslow, and you were correct to say that gravity was the limiting factor in
feed rate, but the gcode processing speed matters as well (at least if your CAM
step creates a lot of tiny moves)

David Lang

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Gotcha! I understand now. I think that their claim was specifically about the maximum feed rate 35ipm vs 70ipm or something like that

Maker Made’s previous CEO made quite a few misleading claims - there is no surprise here if that’s what was mentioned. There were no changes to the XY motors or gear ratios on the production side of things, so that could not have sped things up. They could have been referring to a faster Z axis, which would make sense given the way the Z axis is driven on the M2 over the Maslow v2. The DUE board was used and a redesigned top hat (that MakerMade licenses). I would have to go back and look at the BOM, but the motor drivers changed between the v1.2b Arduino board and the DUE board - also would not have changed the speed that much.


if i recall properly, Bar was the one asking the Maslow community for self-supply after saying he got “burned out” from packing and shipping kits (just as most users were complaining about hardware and calibration issues)

For the past 5 years @makermade, @Metalmaslow and @EastBaySource have kept this project alive by providing kits, upgrades and community support

Regardless of your obvious differences with MakerMade, without them sellers, this project would have died long ago (just like your first kickstarter did)

In addition, trademarks are not forever, you lose the rights to them if not used in commerce for two years, Could be wrong though, but based on trademark laws, I believe @makermade has more rights to the Maslow name than you do.

I hope you will make the files of this “OpenSource” available soon, so that folks can build it by themselves. This new maslow 4 project is not only inspired by other projects, but it also utilizes many open source libraries and firmwares as well, don’t forget that

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The code has been available on github for quite a while already.

David Lang

That’s not how trademarks work. It varies by jurisdiction of course but generally there aren’t de jure hard limits when trying to use someone else’s trademark and practically trademarks aren’t taken over by adverse possession rather an undefended mark in use by others will become genericized like kleenex, aspirin or linoleum. Even if there were a route to adverse possession of a trademark, trademark law pretty much goes the way of the litigant with the most money and length of time of use by either party is just one of dozens of factors a judge considers when adjudicating cases of trademarks.

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That sounds a little pushy. Is that what you meant: “Bar hurry up and finish so I can make one without paying you.”

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