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About the No Judgement category


This category is an attempt to draw in all those anonymous or “intimidated” users who might not feel comfortable asking their less-than-CNC-savvy questions in the rest of the forums.

I plan to share about “silly” mistakes I make as I’m the non CNC-savvy one between Bar and I. Please share about your mistakes as well! Or, if you have ANY QUESTION AT ALL, don’t be afraid to ask. Even if we don’t know the answer, we’ll trouble-shoot it together in a judgement-free zone!
Happy mistake making!


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Saving a few bucks at the home improvement stores…

Here’s a tip to save a bit of money on the router and build materials:

There are a lot of coupons for Home Depot, Lowe’s… on eBay “$20 off a $200 purchase” and some a flat percentage off. The router, a 1/4 carbide bit and the wood puts you way over $200. A few bucks on eBay and a few minuets later and you wind up saving at least $17.

Not a massive savings but for those on a budget every penny counts.