In desparate need of this cnc router

Hey everyone ! I am new to the Maslow community. I have been serching for a low cost cnc router that performs like an expensive router. I happen to stumble on the Maslow web site and i’ve fallen in love with the concept of a router tha will cut 4’ X 8’ ply wood. Not to mention the fast that it doesn’t take up a lot of space really pulled me in. I do have the space for one of the bigger routers but I don’t want to spend the money for something that might become an every now and then thing. So my question is when and how i purchase one so I can be a full fledged Maslow owner.

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Right now you have to do a lot of research to buy all the parts yourself as the prepackaged kits are not currently being sold(might chang ein future?)
The easiest thing to do is to post a want to buy ad in the swap meet category and hope someone has one to sell you that they dont’ need. You can also try the maslow facebook group.


I would wait for the next newsletter, they said that there would be news about new providers.