ADHD Overwhelm but Keen to learn


I’ve been admiring the Maslow CNC since this winter and am always more interested.

When I start to get into figuring out if it’s right for me I’m often overwhelmed.

I use an ipad rather than a computer. Is there any software I can use to talk with the Maslow CNC or will I absolutely need a computer?

Are there some routers that are more recommended than others?

What do you think are the fundamental things a person should know, learn or consider before purchasing a CNC?

you need a computer, ipads are very userfriendly, but maslow not so much. Technically you can use a raspberry pi, but that’s still a computer and it is even harder to set up than a windows pc or mac.

not only do you need a computer you need a computer mind set and be able to troubleshoot and research and solve issues.

fundamental things before buying a cnc is buying a used $200 windows 10 laptop and learn how to use cad software. IMHO.

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You can run a basic system as a simulator to learn how to run Maslow.

If you purchase an Arduino (inexpensive) you can follow the Maslow assembly guide to download firmware to it. If at some point you decide to go with Maslow you now have a spare. (You do not need the motor driver board at this point)

Next you need some computer capable of running Web Control. You can follow the Maslow assembly guide to attach it to the Arduino. You can run this system in simulation mode. You can download gcode from the Maslow community garden, learn to position it in web control, and run the software and watch the sled simulate cutting the plywood on screen.

Then at some point you will need to learn to create your own cad files, and generate the gcode yourself.

By this time you will know enough to decide if Maslow is right for you.

This is the Arduino normally used, it may be available elsewhere, Amazon, eBay etc.

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I had thought about making a demo unit available via the web… basically just need a rpi-zero and an arduino board but I don’t know how to make it secure.

Thanks folks. This continues to be a lot to process but certainly a good start for me so I can experiment and learn before dropping so
Much money

a rpi-zero and an arduino board but I don’t know how to make it secure.

I can host or donate a zero for this, but I agree with the security issue being a possible issue and I don’t have a spare mega at the moment. What is the intent here? Let folks drive it? Let them try the hardware?

Thinking “out loud:” it might be interesting to write a simulator plugin that would allow full use of the webcontrol software without any hardware… so folks could download and play without having hardware.

It wouldn’t need to fully simulate the maslow, just feed back intelligent information so webcontrol can be happy.
No calibration
No gcode parsing (beyond returning the final position)
No speed control
No complex math
Just respond when told to move and confirm commands. It just totally needs to be a “yes-man.”

But in the end what does it provide? Users can’t flash it or calibrate it, so would it be worth the effort?

Almost two years ago, I put the standard frame, and the Meticulous z-axis into the grblgru simulator, spent too much time on it, that probably would have been better spent assembling my Maslow. Think it’s easier to just buy the Arduino, enable fake servo, and use web control at this point.

To let people evaluate it and compare it to ground control, and maybe use personally for testing and troubleshooting purposes.

I could see having a sim mode, shutting off serial calls and having the python code do it all. Is how you would approach it or would you go with full hardware sim?

Full hardware sim using fake_servo so it can be used for testing.