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Questiosn about Maslow and CAD

Hello! I’m new to these forums. I am considering a future purchase of a Maslow rig, a router, and also other equipment. That’s definitely a ways off in the future.

I currently have no drawing software. I was considering getting Shaper3D for iPad, wondering if there was a way to drive a Maslow with the iPad. Can this work? I could get SketchUp for Mac instead.

Is there a way to plug a Maslow in via USB? Are there any videos showing how you upload plans to a Maslow?

Thanks in advance. At this point, I obviously know next to nothing about it.


This video is pretty old at this point so a lot of the software has changed, but it should give you a basic overview of how the process works

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there are three steps

  1. create your model (CAD), onshape is a browser based CAD system that you can
    use from an ipad (although for serious design you will want a full computer)

  2. convert the model to gcode (CAM), there is a browser based CAM program
    (kiri:moto) that has a version that is a plugin to onshape (or you can run it

  3. send your gcode to the maslow to cut, you can install webcontrol on a
    raspberry pi (or use one of the pre-generated images for a pi that are
    available), which will let you upload to the pi via wifi and control the maslow
    via any browser (including an ipad)

It’s not the most common path to take, but all the pieces have been done
individually by others (and webcontrol is very common, that’s the trickiest
piece to figure out as it’s unique to the maslow)

David Lang