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Adjusting cutting feed rate



I’m having troubles adjusting the speed at which the sled moves around. I am using Fusion 360 to generate my tool path, and post-processing it on Grbl. Does anyone know how I can manipulate this?


What feedrate are you specifying when you are programming your toolpaths? Due to hardware limitations, the Maslow is currently limited to 800 mm/min (~31.5 in/min) in the X-Y directions and 30ish mm/min (~1.2 in/min) in Z. If you try telling the machine to move faster than that, Ground Control will reduce that speed to the maximum allowable speed.

If you look at the actual posted G-code, the feedrate for your programs is written using the variable F. Usually, you’ll see it after the first G1 command in a path, and the remainder of the lines in that path will default to that value. If your speed changes at all during a toolpath, another F variable will be inserted by the post-processor.

While this (probably) won’t help you with this issue, there is a Maslow-specific post-processor for Fusion 360.

And these are the instructions for installing that post:


Thanks so much @MeticulousMaynard really appreciate you taking time to help a greenie out