Adventure Awaits Cardinal Directions

I was working on a new table top with this design cutout, but then misjudged the size of the tables edges, and ran into a previously cut part of the plywood. The design is still good, so I cut it down to a wall hang size, and now it is time to paint.

I found the image online as a JPEG, used Inkscape (Trace Bitmap) to create the SVG and then JSCut to generate the GCode.

The original idea was a table for an RV that I designed using OpenSCAD to create the table form because it is an odd shape, but that will get cut when I get some more material. The eventual goal is to paint the design, and then put a resin layer for protection.

Luckily this neat design was salvageable.

Something that could maybe have made my life a little easier is if I could move the sled, and then mark within Ground Control the current location of the sled so I can give myself a better idea of were to Define Home and know that my piece will fit in between the jigsaw of cuts that I already have completed.