My first cuts and partial project

I had been looking at the Maslow CNC for some time as something to add to my workspace. One area I hope to utilize this is to make Christmas decorations for a light show I put on every year rather than order the parts. Prior to making this purchase, I had cut jigsaw style stage risers for my church by hand. Though I got a lot better at cutting them by the time I finished making the 16 pieces, the first ones that I cut by hand were off in several dimensions which made the stage platforms wobbly.

After cutting the final sled, a hose adapter for my shop vac and a test cross - I took out my original designs for the risers and imported them into illustrator to get a vector outline and add some extra holes. The process was relatively straightforward and after looking on these forums, I discovered that exporting from Illustrator required SVG 1.1 to be chosen, as well as 3 decimal places and no other options selected to be able to upload the SVG into MakerCam at the right scale.

Using the Ground Control software allowed me to pick a new place on my board to start the cuts and everything was relatively straightforward. I had to tinker with the z-axis a little as it was sometimes not pushing the router in - but for my actual first project it worked fine.

Here is my completed machine as I cut out the one riser piece.


A closer picture of the sled.


The riser piece with the extra cuts was made by my Maslow - I cut it from cheaper plywood than the other pieces. The other pieces I cut by hand - those are close to the correct size except the one I replaced was the first one I made by hand and it was quite a bit off (1/4" short and the slots were way too wide).
I only redrew the 36" riser piece, when I do the 48" pieces and the top I plan on uploading them into the community garden as these work great as a platform that can be broken down.


Very nice!

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Amazing! I liked this curvy cuts and the free psn codes list by prizelava platform use too!

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