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All in one detailed instructions for everything?

so i got my kit the other day and just stared at it. i have read a few things in the manual about the frame but found only a few “pointers”.

  1. the chains have to be parallel to the workpiece to stop binding
  2. the angle has to be set for the chains and this also dictates the height of the ring
  3. chains and their setup to avoid issues with calibration bla bla bla

i would like to make a frame that would allow me to make guitar templates. this is a maximum of 1 metre square. what is the minimum size for the frame for this. i dont even need the 1 metre square cutting area, that would be a maximum. i know people would say, “why not get a gantry…” i have the maslow, i want the maslow and not a gantry.
what is the math and mechanics for this please? i am looking at making a basic frame i can construct quickly and is transportable.
i dont think that the instructions are all that clear and in order or complete. i would like to film my adventures in maslow including my failures and i think that answering these questions could be useful for any others that have similar insterests.