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Metal Maslow Frame Setup

I am finally getting to put together my metal maslow. I am not seeing how the chains go together with the parts supplied. Any other metal maslow kits out there that can post some pics or a link to a resource?

Hi there, im just getting mine setup also and having the same issue. Did you manage to get yours setup? Can you please provide some photos or some instructions for the setup of the chain system?

I took some pictures of my Metalmaslow. I had to figure it out myself since the instructions are indeed very basic. I put a lot of attention in the chain tensioning system and aligned the chain as much as possible parallel with the sprocket. To feed the chain from the slack side to the sprocket I added an extra pulley. In the MetalMaslow kit there are some rollers provided but they only tension the chain close to the sprocket. The pulley keeps the chain parallel to the sprocket. Also the diameter is much bigger so the friction is much lower. So far I have had no issues with the chain and sprockets.

I positioned the counter weights in the middle of the frame behind the board. That saves me a lot of space at the outer ends of the frame. It also keeps the larger pulleys attached to the chains sliding on the top beam. This helps to keep the chains parallel to the sprockets in cooperation with the extra guiding pulleys.

In the picture with the sled you see how I attached the chains to the arms. I drilled a hole in the middle of the arm for the pin. I didn’t like the hole position not in line with the arm hinge points, why make an accurate laser cut sled and put the hole in the wrong position?
Although they claim it does not matter that much I calculated that it does give a 1.5mm extra spread in vertical position (from top to bottom of the board)
I still have some kalibrating to do because I am not satisfied with the accuracy.

I designed a channel to vacuum the dust. In the kit there is an aluminum channel which goes underneath the Z axis. I have seen pictures of that, it seems to work. I did not use it because I think the channel is too small and does not seal off the milling area. It also takes a lot of Z height away from my sled. (It actually does not fit, it rests on the plastic rim! But that can be fixed I guess)

I ordered the wrong clamp, the (golden) clamp in the picture is my own solution.

I hope this helps you both get started with your MetalMaslow, great kit but it’s a puzzle.

Thank you very much. This is exactly what I was looking for.