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All Motors Fail but touching motor shield pins moves motors

When I get connected to Ground Control via usb I am able to run a test that returns L Motor, R Motor, and Z Motor failing all directions. However when we touch a couple pins on the motor shield itself we are able to get the R motor to move at full speed. So there must be power and have connection but we think there is something wrong with the motor shield itself… maybe a grounding issue? Thanks for any replies

Which version of the kit do you have? It’s possible that the firmware version you have installed doesn’t support the motor controller attached.

thanks for the reply! I am not sure where to find my kit version, I just bought it last week and it arrived last Wednesday. I am using the latest firmware which I figured would make sense and I tried going down to 1.25 on the Arduino too and no luck

Do you know who you bought the kit from? There are a couple different people selling them these days.

EastBay is the name on our instructions

I figured it out! On the EastBay instructions it said the firmware was already installed and I had mistakenly installed firmware I found else ware. I should have left the Arduino alone. Thank you! I went to and downloaded their version of the firmware!

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Fantastic! Nice catch :grinning:

I think by downloading the latest firmware we can code the arduino properly and if you want more information about the motors brands, then you can visit servo drive repair. Hope this helps you. Thanks.