Motors not working

  • Your Operating System with version (Windows, Mac, Linux): Windows 10 64-bit
  • Firmware and GroundControl version number you are using: FW 1.26 - CG 1.26
    Temporary frame/sled or final build : FInal
  • Z-Motor installed or manual Z adjustment: Yes
  • Chain mount system to the sled (Original brackets or a Triangular Kit): Triangular

The problem: just installing my Maslow which set in its box for over two years, build the frame and mounted the motors and controller, upgraded the firmware to the latest version (1.26) plugged in my computer started GroundControl version 1.26 and I can not get the motors to move, they don’t even make a sound. checked everything at least three times and all connections are correct and tight, but the motors still don’t move. Where should I look next to fix this problem

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Welcome to the Forum @Bill_Osburn!
The most common reason is that the power is plugged into the Arduino and not into the motor shield. The Arduino get the power from the USB cable and the motors from the power supply plugged into the shield on top of the Arduino. Is there a LED on the power supply that is lit?

Kind regards, Gero

found the problem, needed to wipe the eproms before doing the firmware upgrade, motors working now, thanks.