Alternative Maslow Build

I hadn’t seen this here yet. I found it just by googling and they claim that the build is both cheaper and stronger than the “stock” maslow frame. It uses MDF instead of plywood, and they say this gives it a flatter working surface. The arms were also reinforced to reduce warping during cutting.

The sled is also a bit different. It uses a plastic laminated sled to reduce friction and 2.5lb weights instead of the bricks.

Definitely worth a look.


That was a very early report, they were correct in identifying the stiffness as
a weakness.

I have trouble believing that it’s cheaper than the stock frame (they have a lot
more wood in it, it may be cheaper if you assumed that the stock frame used
expensive plywood, but not if you assumed cheap plywood)

@bar, we should have a link to this entire series entirely in the wiki, and
point out the improvements since then (especially triangular kinematics)

We should also see if they are interested in doing a new test with the improved
software and kinematics.

David Lang


In the testing article, the author references getting help on the forums and a fix to GC, so they have/had an account at some point.

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If that was during the beta period, that would have been the old forum.