Assembled Maslow with metal frame, openbuilds c-beam Z, also a new maslow kit and metal sled -- San Francisco

I’ve had this maslow (and parts) since 2019 and used it on some fun projects. I just posted a few of them:


I had so much fun with it that I moved on to a DIY gantry machine that pretty much supersedes my maslow. Therefore, I would like to offer it for sale in the hopes that it helps someone else who wants to get started with CNC projects. Here’s what I have:

A working (but idle for a year) maslow:

  • A frame, ~11.5ft distance between motors. The face of the frame is welded 1"x2" square tube, the support structure is 2x4 wood.
  • A sled made of melamine with: ridgid router, steel ring, openbuilds c-beam Z axis, 3d printed (PETG) clamp and dust collector
  • Made from an eastbaysource kit from 2019

An additional makermade maslow kit from 2019:

  • Everything is still in packaging except I had to steal one of the xy motors from it. I’m about 80% sure I have a replacement somewhere, I’ll include it if I can find it, but expect it to be missing for now.
  • A metal maslow sled with z axis and clamp.

$300 for the full working maslow and $200 for the kit+metal sled+clamp. I’m happy to negotiate if you promise to make something cool :slight_smile:

Everything is in San Francisco. I can deliver if it’s reasonably close.

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