Alternative mounting of chain to top board?

First post here. I have an issue I’m sure many beginners face: the machine bent and ripped out the nail that fastens the chain to the top rail (mini frame here). Is there an alternative mounting method? Maybe one that doesn’t depend on having the right size nail?

This may not be the last time I have this issue. I’m wondering if anyone has a 3D printed mount, or could recommend something like an S-hook through gap between the chain rollers that connect the links. It seems like the mechanical properties of this connection aren’t very critical, since the motor sprocket bears the weight of motor and the giant spring can compensate for some minor issues.

It would be great if Makermade included a few extra nails in the kit. I don’t want to buy a box of 50 just for this one specific use.

Yes there is. I stole this from someone on the forums. The clamps for the wire shelving (like in some apartments) fit the chain perfectly use a quick pin (like the one used to attach the chains at the ring) behind the clamp.

Don’t mind the extra chain in the pic, I’m running a 12’ beam and had a little too much chain.

I also recommend using a pulley system and removing the spring/bungie tension system.

Ah this is great, and gives me some more ideas. Thank you @TimS !

is that ply piece on there to keep the chain from coming off the motor sprocket? I like the door slide-lock holder as the chain stopper with the pin adjustment.

Yeah it just ensures the chain is hitting the gear at the correct plane. Probably don’t need it anymore since I made the adjustable top beam