An italian 🇮🇹 style Maslow CNC

Hello to everyone!

I start now this new thread to tell my experience in construction of a Maslow CNC machine for my FabLab. This is one of the first tools of the FabLab.

I’m the founder of Arroscia FabLab that I’m just starting in Liguria, north region of Italy.

The choice for the frame type is a mix from Default Frame and Bar’s bolt together design.

Just to do some advertising :wink:, here are all the references to the FabLab:


Hallo to Italy :wave:
Send some picture of the Maslow please :slight_smile:

If this is the setup, I see a lot potential for unwanted flexing of the top beam were the motors go.

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Ciao Gero,

have patience, I start with the first post and you’ll see that for the top beam I used two 3 m glued boards.
Just a bit of patience to put everything in a correct chronology.


Let’s start by seeing the material contained in the Maslow kit I received:

This is the box:

What’s inside?

Electronic parts:

  • 1 power supply
    Supplier: Shenzhen Yinghuiyuan Electronics Co Ltd
    Model: YHY1220500
    Input: AC 220V 1.0A from wall power supply
    Output: DC 12V 5.0A to motor controller shield (5.5 mm x 2.1 mm barrel connector, center pin +)
  • 1 power chord
    German schko plug

  • 2 heat sinks in black metal with double-sided adhesive tape on down side to cool down the two chips of motor controller shield

  • 2 brushless motors (30 kg/cm torque, 20 rpm, 12 volts) with gearbox (291:1 reduction gearbox with worm gear to prevent back driving motor) and encoders
    Supplier: Etonm Motor
    Model: ET-WGM58A-1260-E
    Input: 12V

  • 2 motor wires to attach the motors to the motor controller shield

  • 1 USB cable to attach Arduino card (USB type B male) to PC (USB type A male)


Now let’s see the other parts:

Mechanical parts:

  • 2 motor mounting brackets in black metal (Amazon)
    8 short wood screws in black metal to join (4 each) with the Top Beam


  • 2 pieces of stretchy black string, one for each side of the machine (3 mm diameter - 2 x 1,5 m long - ID 8858T5 from McMaster)

  • 2 metal motor sprockets (10T #25 roller chain with 8mm shaft - ID 2737T2 from McMaster)
    2 allen black metal screws
    1 black metal allen wrench

  • 8 short M4x8 metal screws (ID 94500A226 from McMaster) and 8 M4 washers to join motor mounting with two motors