Another calibration question

I ran through the calibration procedure and ran the test pattern and entered the resultant measurements.
All is pretty good, but I loaded a 12" x 12" square to test the machine…right in the middle of the 4x8.
My square was 11.750" horizontally and 11.625" vertically. It’s repeatable (which is good) so I’m sure it’s correctable. What settings should I manually adjust to tweak it in?

I find it helpful to run the calibration pattern twice. Seems to get closer the second time… not much improvement running it three times though

When you created the square file, did you set the cut path for outside the line?

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I think @Dustcloud has your answer. :slight_smile: Especially if your using a .250 diameter bit.

I thought of that. I double checked Estlcam (my workflow is QCAD-ESTLCAM-Gcode). When I select “part” in Estlcam it always cuts to the outside of the selected shape. I’ll re-run the calibration pattern again this AM and see what I get. Thanks!


I am evaluating Estlcam for my CAM program but not sure how to set up the CNC controller settings.
What do you have your controller hardware set to?

A couple of them work. I’m at my daughters wedding but I believe the basic CNC worked as well as the GRBL. I used the text prefix to include the Gcodes to set to absolute and metric (or English) if you prefer. G20 and G21?

Works great. I love the interface, carving and pocketing tools. Well worth the $59.

Thanks for taking time to reply to me. I pray your daughter’s wedding is everything she hopes it to be. I wish blessings to your daughter and new son in law…

I wanted to reach out about this as I have read in a number of posts discussing GRBL format gcode outputs were giving problems (different software used I believe). I wanted to confirm with someone who actually uses Estlcam before I spent time using it, or purchasing it.

I think the Estlcam user interface and features better suit my needs than the other CAM programs I have tried (free versions).

I wrote the the author of the software as they say they will create a CNC controller hardware “preset” pull down specific to our system. I think that if we can set up a good tutorial and the Maslow is a simple pull down to set up that others may use it more. Given how much I already have invested in getting the Maslow system built, running and cutting well, the added $59 is not much of a cost for me. I would rather pay a little and have a good program than battle the issues with the free ones.

The one thing I was most excited about is that this program will accept “stl” files which I can generate directly from SolidWorks (the Cad software I use for work).

If we have something that fails when you select grbl as the output, we consider
that a bug and want to fix it (there are a number of things that grbl does that
are noop on maslow, those will generate “unknown g-code” errors in the log, but
should not affect the cuts)

David Lang