Text Pattern is out of Parallel and Final Sled is Oval

So this is 4th day of calibration and we have leveled and measured and calibrated so many times I cant tell you…now we are super close to center of the workspace…not exactly by the chalk line that we popped, but lets say good enough…then…I test pattern and it is not parallel at the sides…and when entering the measurements in GC it spits back those measurements are not correct…I am stumped and burned out…really not having a good time at all with this machine…

Can you tell us what the measurements are? Have you tried deleting the seeings file GC is using to have a clean start? Maybe some information is stored wrong in there.

I think too many people put too much emphasis on this. In reality, this is not a good metric to use to determine if you machine is properly calibrated. You could have some slight error in your frame construction or attachment of motors that could result in a shift of center… It’s not necessarily a calibration issue.

Can you be more descriptive? It’s hard to understand where you are having problems. For example, when you say you entered measurements in GC, was that during the calibration process? If so, what measurements and what step were you on?

Lots of people here are happy to help you get through this. Most of the issues people experience are actually related to misunderstanding the calibration instructions.

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