Another CNC Tiny House Project


Has anyone else tried the files in the link? Every program I have tried says they are corrupted and won’t read them. I wanted to check out the construction design methods.

illustrator CS 6.0 and libreoffice 6 were both able to open the .dxf files

I have tried dxf viewer, sketchup and a GIS program that reads dxf. I don’t get it.

I just tried Fusion 360 and I get a failure like the other programs.

when you downloaded it, how did you do it? i just downloaded the entire thing from the github.

this link:
Then unzipped it and navigated to the dxf folders.

I’ve noticed that sometimes it’s hard to get working dxf files directly from github without just downloading the entire archive.


Good point!
That goes for other files as well that I tried to download as a single file from github. Checking with a text editor I ended up getting a html or xml file that instead of what I needed.

@Jatt @Gero You guys nailed it. Downloaded the zip file and all is well. Thanks.