Maslow Assembly Guide: Step 6?

Tottally new to cad stuff, ive toyed with Google Sketch for building/plotting Datacenter installs for clients (fancy microsoft visio if you will).

I want to take a couple OpenDesk builds, however, getting the DXF to SVG to gcode seems to take a turn with the thousands of types of software, freeware to pay etc etc.

Playing with a SVG in gets me long waits without any results. Literally does nothing.

I ask whats the best method to get into this? Not against paying for solid software, tho i hate the new subscription model these days.


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You will find a big support for fusion 360 here in the forum.
If the cloud thing and the “how long will it be frre” is not your thing, I can recommend FreeCAD.
I recently figured out how to import a dxf and turn that to gcode.
With files from OpenDesk however, you will want somthing to clean them up, as they have lots of text and other stuff in the files that need to be removed. I use QCad for that. LibreCAD will do it as well and has an export option for creating .svg if you still want the makercam option.

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I looked at qcad, you need pro to export to svg correct?

did fusion 360, have a non subscription license? i still use my Adobe stuff right before it became creative cloud, does what i need.

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Not sure if I should reply in my condition, on the other hand I like conversation.
From the little I know F360 is free now, if you are under a certain profit ?
I don’t understand why you would go from .dxf to .svg to makercam to introduce a who knows what chain of possible errors to a Maslow.
For cleaning up .dxf the free qcad will do. If you continue the .svg path, librecad will provide that option.

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I just noticed F360 is free to makers, so that is awesome.

this is one of the items i cant wait to cut when my maslow gets in!
bench_dims.dwg (102.2 KB)

While doing my research on youtube (of course) i noticed people took the dwf files convert to svg then used makercam to build the gcode, if i can skip that then why the hell not!

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