Antivirus Blocking Ground Control

Hello Forum, so finally got my maslow. I am working on setting up the drivers. Downloaded ground control v1.26. Each attempt to open and connect is meet by a quite aggressive lock down by my antivirus. Any know issues with this version or any viruses going around??


nothng that I’ve heard about.

David Lang

Some antiviruses are squeamish about open source apps that are used by few people. What exactly is the reasoning provided by your antivirus for quarantining ground control?

Ah yes says I was under attack, apparently you can go into the antivirus settings and tell it not to stop individual files at least that what my coworker says. Anyway, looks like motors are turning.


What antivirus are you using? The ones that you download, rather than coming with your OS are often overprotective. My cynical side days it’s marketing, you must have something great if it alarms all the time.

I have a gear generating product called Gearotic that has issues with several virus scanners from otic in the name. Seems they have a problem with ears since otic is a medical suffix for them. Perhaps your scanner has a problem with something in the name, or like others have said bans anything not signed or from a preferred source. We all know those never have malicious content :grinning:

Thanks for the thoughts… I am using Mcafee… right now ok, but I will certainly get some help looking into that if I have any more trouble. Finally, finished frame and planning to calibrate today… fingers crossed.

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