Ground Control 1.26

Currently just got the new cnc kit and am eager to be up and running. I’ve tried the source codes and the usb downloads for the ground control. So far i have had GC running 2 times, on the first time just closing the system down for a second to leave the house and the second after hours of attempting to open it again. On the second time it crashed when i clicked connect, nothing has worked since. when i try to open the GC a command bod flashes for a split second and then disappears. looking for help to get this running to calibrate the machine.

Computer is a hp pavilion amd-a8-6410apu with amd radeon r5 graphics 2.0ghz

update- macafee is rejecting kivy


there is a log file in your home directory, that does it show?

David Lang

This solved my problem with GC crashing upon running - Macafee antivirus was blocking communication so I turned it off - thanks!!

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