Any current plans to update wiki instructions?

Like many here, I am starting the assembly of my new Maslow. I started with MaslowCNC/Mechanics/wiki but most of the pages are out of date, and it is hard to figure what version you should use. It would at least help in github if you could sort pages by update date.


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Good point!

Which parts are out of date? If you post links to pages that you would like to see updated we can work on updating them

A particular thing I was unable to find was the 3d model used to generate the Default Frame image.

I’ve added links to both of the files to the main page of the repository:

Thanks for pointing that out!


Ok starting at main wiki page, if you follow link to assembly instructions both the frame and sled are the old versions.


Great catch. I’ve updated that page and removed the out of date parts

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