CAD data for the latest Maslow build

Hi all! I ordered a kit a few days ago. I’m just wondering if anyone has a full build in CAD of the latest Maslow set up that they would be willing to share (or really any related CAD data)? I found the basic frame only, but I’m hoping for a build that includes the frame, motors, sled, etc. I run solidworks, so I’ll take most formats.

This is an amazing community, and I’m excited to start cutting parts and contributing.



There are frame darwings form @dlang and @madgrizzle. I don’t know that there has ever been a full CAD drawing. The last person that asked said if there weren’t any they would be creating them but I never saw the drawing after there initial inquiry.

Thank you

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There are plenty of drawings in the 889 posts long 🌞 New Stock Frame Design 🌞, not sure if there was a final one, but search from bottom up.
The wiki is in the making and found here:

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To clarify, I’m looking for 3D data (*.stp, *.x_t, *.igs). None of the links listed on the mechanics page ( seem to work. I did export and download the onshape assembly, but it is missing the motors, chain, brackets, etc. I’m hoping someone else has already done a more complete build, but if not I’ll export something and post it if I end up putting one together.


Motors and chains, I’ve not seen in 3D. The rest should be available here, including sleds with different triangular kits. Don’t forget to share, once you have it together :slight_smile:

It’s not the cleanest model, but I have the original stock Maslow frame on the MaslowCNC Fusion360 Cloud. I believe it is similar to the Onshape model you mentioned. I’ve also modeled various components of the frame. It’s not all the parts, but most of the remaining ones should be easy to find on McMaster.

Worm Gear Motor: Fusion
Motor Bracket: Fusion
Z-Axis Motor: Fusion
Sled with linkages: Fusion

With all these models, you can download step/iges files by selecting the blue download button in the top right and selecting your file format:

EDIT: removed the old style frame. we don’t really need that model here.


I have the frame and top mount sled in onshape but only approximations of he
motors and no chain

is that the onshape assembly you mentioned?

I have the onshape file from here:

It is the original style frame. no motors.

I’ll take anything additional you’ve got.

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take a look at all the branches for various parts

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