Any last minute suggestions?

So some quick pictures of my progress - I will be writing up the information on the framing in a post later tonight.


I did a little cable management at the end. I need to counter sink some bolts and I need screws to mount the router. I also need to mount the Z axis. Progress is being made.


Tip : if you have an Ikea close by -


The 2nd hole saw is 2½" the same size as the hole in the Rigig router.

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BTW Does anyone have ugraded/‘pirated’ Ikea designs? Would be cool if we could improve upon the swedish designs and eventually share it back to them in an open repository. :slight_smile:

I hear IKEA is in the process to let the customers scan their shopped items DIY style rendering jobs obsolete for the cashiers. So maybe we can make it more easy for them and just build some of their furniture at home. Then they don’t even have to produce it any more.

O dear, I went sideways on the topic.

BTW The $5 holesaw set is a great find. If I get near an Ikea i’ll try to remember this tip.

My apologies

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My first Sled is on it’s way.


for those looking for my tem frame bracing please see:

Tip number 2 - I’m going to use Bees Wax on my sled. I’m also considering replacing the bricks with water bottles for adjustability.

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I wonder if plastic skid plate might be worth investing in?

Here is an idea - ~$15

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And for those of you on wood sleds- beeswax{ifsearch:search}{ifcontent:content}&9gkw={keyword}&9gad={creative}.1&9gpla={placement}&ctcampaign=4680&ctkwd={product_id}&ctmatch=&ctcreative={Creative}&ctplacement=166187-44622122499

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I have someone cut off from laminated countertops that I’m going to make sled from


what about mounting that router + z axis on the sled? :slight_smile:

BTW what’s the typenumber of that one?

So I made lots of progress today. I have the basic setup and calibration done. In theory it is ready to cut. Monday I will add the Z axis. Then switch to working on the final sled design. My linkage should be on it’s way today. I also have an idea for a triangular sled design.

I did have about an hour of my day go out the window due to a faulty powerstrip. Once over that speed bump it was smooth sailing.

I added a Parts/Shtuff holder & a Pencil holder.

Once I’m done I’m writing a book. I have a grip of little tips to make it easier to build.


Enjoy! Thank you


Love the pencil holder! What about a series of them to hold spare bits?

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Up cycled the core from the temp sled. The the sky is the limit. I’m very utilitarian.

Bar - I love how positive you and the community are. Keep being you!

Thank you


It’s in the mail! I just sent you the shipping notification with tracking number. I can’t wait to see how it all goes for you! Your build is looking nice!

Thank you Logan :smile:

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Silly question - What model/part number is the quick change philips/pilot/countersink attachment? I saw a guy using one in a YouTube video and have been trying to find it ever since.

Can you send a link to the video?

Thank you

You’ll want to look for a “drill flip drive”. I think thats the Dewalt
brand. Bosch has some also under a different name.

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That was it! Thanks! I couldn’t find the original video and was having a hard time finding just what search terms would work.