Any Maslow routers up and running around cleveland Ohio

Just looking to partner up with someone to share ideas and issues with in the cleveland area

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Check with @Claudio_Ibarra.

I live in the area now (Painesville), but only for the next week. I took a new job that’s moving me to just outside the Buffalo NY area this upcoming weekend. After my move is when I’ll put together the rest of the Maslow (I have the frame at the moment).

I am over in Old Brooklyn, 5 minutes from downtown.

I live in East Aurora [Buffalo] too. Just moved back recently as well. I just ordered my Maslow. Could we connect so I can learn a thing or two from you?

Sure thing. I just finished a business trip, so I have to unpack and get situated; but you’re not far, so connecting is a good idea.

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Awesome! Maslow doesn’t appear to be rocket science to set up, but I sure wouldn’t mind cutting down on the up curve of learning to get set up.

I’ve also got a 3D printer, couple Oculus Rifts, and some other toys that’d be fun to share.

Any chance you’re going to the Buffalo mini maker faire today? Headed there with the family in an hour or so.

This seems like a good time to point out the great makerspaces in the Cleveland area:

  • The Parma-Snow branch of Cuyahoga Community Public Library has a small maker space that I haven’t visited yet.
  • Lorain County Community College has a FabLab with several 3D printers, a laser cutter, lots of computers, and a few other machines.
  • The main branch of Cleveland Public Library has Tech Central, with several 3-D printers, a laser cutter, vinyl cutter, recording equipment, instruments, and computers.
  • The big one is Think[box] at Case Western Reserve University. I can’t begin to list all the equipment there so Google them.

And the best part is that the equipment at all of these is free to use, with the only cost being for consumables.

Sorry, but definitely not today. Right after I moved, I went to the west coast for a week as part of my new job. I just got back today and I have lots of unpacking to do and time to spend with my daughter. But I will be there eventually!