VA Maslow Assembled With Sled, Ring, Rigid Router & Z Axis

Have a complete kit available. Made a couple things with my daughter which was a blast. $550 shipped or you can pickup local (Richmond, VA)for $500. If you are picking up and would like the frame you can take it with you.

@GetCozy is this unit still available?

Yes, with all the craziness going on we just put it in the corner.

Well I made the mistake of throwing out $350 to the wife when I heard about Maslow. Long story short, I’m approved for $450. Not trying to offend you, it’s just my budget. I wouldn’t be able to pick up either, would need shipped to Kansas. I would be able to settle up right away though.

450 is fine. Would rather see it working doing something fun than sitting. My 12 year old daughter and I had fun with it. We have a 5x10 flat table CNC coming in June so don't need both. I will package the parts up this week and put it in the mail. Send via PayPal if that works. Call me at 804-240-5630 if you have any questions.

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Apologies in advance for a something slightly OT, but what brand/model have you ordered for a 5x10 CNC router?

Asking for a “friend” who seems that “his” Maslow has given “him” a full-blown case of CNC-fever. :blush:

We went with a ShopSabre (made in USA) Pro 510. Went with the advice buy your second machine first.

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That is a beautiful machine.

Got it taken apart and packed up. Will drop off at Fedex today. When you set it up, I would update the software. I haven’t run it in a good while so I am sure there are updates. Best!

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Sounds good, thanks a bunch!

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