M2: New Product Launch from Maker Made

Hey Everyone,

We wanted to let the community know that on Friday, Maker Made is launching our new version of the Maslow, called M2. This project is a result of everything we’ve learned over the last year-plus from the forums, customers, and our own dev and research, and we’re so excited to finally launch. Release party is Facebook Live, Friday at 5pm EST, which you can find here: https://www.facebook.com/events/551639809097741/?active_tab=about

The goal for M2 is pretty simple- take the Maslow and a) make it easier to setup, calibrate, and use, b) increase accuracy at the limits, and c) keep the cost reasonable (especially next to the standard tabletop CNC options). By doing this, we’re hoping to offer a new version of Maslow that’s more accessible to average people who don’t have the expertise that this group has.

Key new features will include- aluminum extrusion z-axis, GRBL-based DUE control board, wall mounts for simplified frame design, spring solution for chain slack, 3-pk of router bits, and free shipping. These upgrades will also reduce the lumber / router expenses by up to $150.

For existing Maslow owners, we’re also releasing a backwards-compatible upgrade kit so no one would need to purchase a full M2 if they want to use the new features.

If you’re interested, you can see more info about the upgrade kit here: https://www.makermadecnc.com/product/m2-upgrade-bundle-pre-order/

Thanks everyone!



“Aluminum extruded z-axis module with 90mm router clamp”
the ridgid r22002 is 92mm though? I guess people can use a standard 3.5" router which is almost 90mm instead.

Nice to see the DUE control board being used.


So it will be built to support the Ridgid; “90” was a round-down. The standard M2 kit will come with a clamp for a palm router (DeWalt 611 etc), but we wanted to make sure the upgrade kit didn’t require a change of router for current Maslow users.


Looks fantastic! Can’t wait to get more information.

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Good news!
will the new update work for bosh POF1200 AE?
does the quadrilateral configuration also work?

Is the spindle/motor component detachable from the base? If so, just need to confirm that it would fit the larger router hoop (intended for Ridgid R22002) for a 90-95mm diameter. The Z-axis will then slide forward and back along pre-drilled channels so you can perfectly center the bit without too much hassle. Then it just locks down with countersunk t-nuts. Again, trying to make it all really simple to use

no the router has to be round to work with any z axis clamp, the body of the integrated handle routers is too bulky image
I’m sure one could 3d print a custom bracket but not worth the effort IMHO.

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isn’t this the one they cut the handles off of and put the motor on top with the c shaped 3d printed adapter?


So I’ve retrofit my Maslow with the Maslow-to-M2 kit. Very excited to test it out, however, Makerverse software is not released in the Apple Store yet so I can’t actually make anything yet. When will that be ready?

Does the M2 hardware work OK using groundcontrol to control it?

no it is not compatible with ground control.
but you are still in luck:
https://makermade.com/m2-resources/ has the mac software
follow these instructions to open the app:


Thanks for hopping in here!

Thanks so much for the help, @Metalmaslow.

I’ve got everything setup correctly but am seeing some weird things occur when I cut or even move the machine around the cutting surface:

  • It slopes down to one side (and some times it slopes up to the right and sometimes down to the right). I can rarely get a straight horizontal cut.
  • These outcomes seem change based on where/when I home the device. If I home the device, the lines seem straighter, but not perfect. Then if I track to the far upper right quadrant, it will not be able to move flatly along the X-axis.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

I followed the steps recommended in calibration but am still seeing these sloping issues. After calibration might cuts (relative to themselves) are accurate, but not flat. For example, I cut a 20in x 20in box in the middle of the 4’x8’ board. The distances were almost exact, but the whole box was shifted about 4-5 degrees down to the left.

Are there ways to address this in calibration?