Any suggestions for my new frame?

I’ve finally started building my frame after lurking around and looking at everyone else’s good ideas. It’s 120’ wide and 83" tall to maximize the distance between the workspace and the motor.

I have a free wall that I’ll be mounting it to similar to this one.

I’ll be using a 11’ fence post to hinge it to the wall instead.

We minimized it using the principle that what really matters is the the distance between motors is the most important bit and that we’d rely on the unistrut on the top and the mdf to keep everything straight, instead of them fighting a lot of crooked wood.

I see that most people are installing the unistrut with the open end facing out, but I was thinking that I’ll face the open end facing down and attach it to the top beam with a bolt through both solid ends so that I can make sure that the motors stay the same distance from the workspace when I add spacers to compensate for the material thickness. I’ll also epoxy some metal on the back to prevent the hole from getting bigger on the back. Good idea?

Any suggestions are appreciated!


It’s on the wall!

I have to figure out the angle from the wall so I can add the braces.

Then I’m waiting for the chain/sled attachment to finish it off.


Hi, Nice and clean build.
I used a car-jack, so can change the angle any time :wink:


Thanks for the idea!

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I’m considering building my frame a similar way so I have space when I need it.

Thanks for the ideas, @idougal and @Gero :smiley:

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