Showing off my garage wall frame

First post!

Received my CNC yesterday, so I had to make my frame. I want to be able to utilize the garage space when the machine isn’t in use do I stripped the wall of all the shelves and mounting hardware, and patched it up with filler. For mounting the frame, I used heavy-duty hinges anchored with wood screws into the joists. I’m running all electrical inside of the wall and will run the air hose externally later.

I will follow up after I get everything set-up


@timhjellum welcome to our group.

Awesomely simple! Great work. I look forward to see you use the Maslow.

Thank you

I like this space saving design. Great work so far.

Keep us posted as the build finishes up! I want to see it in action! :grinning:

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I like this concept, I definetely have some space issues in my shop and a somewhat collapsible frame design could make a big difference. I think I will base my frame design on this concept using the dimensions of the stock frame (motor distance/work area size and pitch) to keep function the same :grin: Great idea!

I looks like the motor mount is offset from the plane of the plywood backboard by just the width of a 2x4 (1.5-inches). I think you may run into problems (i.e., chain skips) because, ideally, you would install the linkage kit near the center of gravity of the sled… and this will be much higher (further away from the backboard) than 1.5-inches. You may consider pushing the mount out (I don’t have the exact distance off the top of my head) so that the motor’s sprocket will be at the same distance outward as the chain’s connection point with the sled. Keeping it all in the same plane will reduce the chance for chain skips.

Read this post (expand it down clicking that little upside-down caret in top right corner… the formatting is better):


Thanks for the feedback! I used fasteners as I assume I will need to make adjustments. Same with the angle of the plywood. I assume I will need to fine tune the setup.

Looks very stable! Thinking about copying this.