Finally Setting up a Kickstarter Maslow - Any tips?

I purchased my kit from the original kickstarter, but never had the time to get it up and running. I did purchase the ring kit later on and have opened all the packing and put it aside several time now. I hope I still have all the parts!

I built a hanging frame ([Any suggestions for my new frame?]) and just have to install the C-Channel bar across the top.

Are there any hardware changes that I need to keep in mind if I’m using the original kit with the Z-Axis and Ring?

My frame is 10’ across and there is 41" from the top of the frame to the top of the work surface. Is there an optimal placement for the motors with these dimensions? Are my dimensions longer than the chains?

This is my first time setting up any kind of CNC, so any tips are appreciated!

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I still use a cobbled together stock Z-Axis and might start out with The Meticulous Z-Axis but I haven’t made the leap myself… 12 foot top beam solves innacuracy issues in the bottom corners (according to others) but you have to get longer chains. I am unable to fit 12’ so I don’t have that… Oh and make your grain vertical on your sled. It will glide easier on the horizontal grain of the stock. I wished I had done that! I’m sure there’s more I’ll think of…:grinning:

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