Anybody make money with a Maslow?

Finishing off by hand, how?
You would need guides to ensure an accurate cut with hand-held router?

Or ya know a reciprocating saw

Can someone in this thread please make a 7 ft wide One dollar bill! It’s the visual in my brain every time I read the title.

Thank you


Well that I get, but seems like a lot more work than even templating.
By the time you’re done with the jig saw, there’ll be a bunch of sanding and finish work to do.

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This method was used in the Plypad -

Which method specifically, templating or cutting with Maslow to 1/8 and then finishing by hand?

By the way, the plypad (btw :+1:) reminded me of this, Wikkelhouse: pick your modular segments & click them together - YouTube

Also this talk of templating and making initial cuts and then finishing by hand, have got me thinking.

Would be great if there was a 4’x8’ AxisDraw or something like that it, to trace out the design on the plywood. You can then go chop it up the usual way.

Another idea is to use a mini projector, to project the 4x8 drawing, then trace it by hand to the stock.


Why not fit a sharpie in the router and leave the spindle power off and set the depth v low and let Maslow draw on the wood?


Also: Converting images to gcode - #20 by Sharpsburg_Woodworke


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True enough, I guess I’m hoping for an even lower cost solution than a Maslow in that case.

I was referring to templating and hand finishing.

Thank You

This is how I made my Grinch well before I even knew about Maslow.

It worked, but was a lot of work. I plotted the design onto paper first (with a vinyl cutter and pen attachment) then transferred to plywood. I probably could have saved a lot of time by just tracing onto plywood from a projection, but getting the projection just right and setting it all up would have been a chore in our new to us at the time house. I also cut it out with a jigsaw, which was also not so fun with 3/4" plywood.
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I have plans to use the maslow to both draw (I made a spring loaded sharpie holder I have yet to test) and cut Max, hopefully I can get to it before this coming xmas


Nice, that’s a good looking homemade grinch!
But look at all those wiggly lines, I can only imagine the “fun” cutting that out with a jigsaw.

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