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MakerMade 3D Printer in the market

Hey everyone!

The guys over at MakerMade very politely asked if it would be OK for them to list their 3D printer in the community market. Historically the market has just been for listing Maslow parts, but the 3D printer is generally in the same theme.

What does everyone think? Are we creating a slippery slope by listing things other than Maslow inspired kits, or does that seem fine?

My first gut reaction was that if they sold maslow kits, then why not… but then I started to worry that could this just might be a slippery slope as you said where you start seeing 3d printer parts (steppers, belts, heads, filament, etc.) fill up the community garden… My thought would be to keep it maslow-centric. Nothing against makermade (I give them props for their assembly guide they made).


It has been a while since I visited the store or the Maslow Home site. I mostly just read the forums and keep up to date. I didn’t realize that I had my ad blocker turned on and was missing relevant ads. Oh wait. I don’t see any ads because there just aren’t any.

Why not offer up ads to sites that are relevant? Maybe offer low to no cost ones for the sites that do offer Maslow specific parts, kits, accessories. That would let MakerMade, MetalMaslow, and East Bay have links to their full catalog without adding more entries to the garden. At the same time, other sites could advertise. We all need router bits. Those aren’t Maslow specific. And, reputable dealers would be happy to get their wares in front of more eyeballs for a small price.

I don’t know who would be a good gatekeeper, though. The Google wouldn’t vet the advertisers as well as the community here could do.


Is the 3D Printer something we build? Or does it come preassembled? I’m kinda on the fence about it honestly as @madgrizzle said, would hate for the focus of the community garden to be about 3D printing, when we come here for the Maslow love :stuck_out_tongue: I am no senior member by any means, but I do love the simplicity of coming to the maslow world, to find my maslow stuff, and going to thingiverse for my 3D printing stuff.

THAT SAID… Both machines are CNC’s… So… I’ll leave the big decision making to you more senior members haha

I like cutting things with with a super sharp, fast spinning thing dangling from chains… Don’t mind me… :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

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One downside will be the flurry of questions from non-Maslow 3D printer new owners desperately searching for help. Since that’s well covered elsewhere it may be best to keep a Maslow oriented focus here