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New Maker Marketplace!

Hey Maslow Makers!

We are thrilled to announce some exciting changes! First, we’d like to introduce our brand new website:! And in addition to our new M2 and M2 upgrade kits, we’re really proud of a new feature included in our site - an original Maker Marketplace (visit the marketplace at:!

Our Maker Marketplace is set up to add to the “by makers, for makers” community. It is meant to be a place where makers, like you can set up a shop, then share and sell your incredible project files for use by other makers in the community. Our marketplace requires no exclusivity clause so you remain the owner of all of your projects and project files and can manage your own shop, set your own prices, etc… Each shop owner will also receive their very own Maker Made affiliate code, so if your project encourages someone to purchase a Maker Made tool, YOU get a kickback from us!

With this new Marketplace, we’ve partnered with Bar to provide ongoing support to ensure that all aspects of the forums are carried forward and the Maker Marketplace will be the new home to all of the wonderful projects from the Maslow Garden (which will remain free as always)! If you are the owner of any Maslow garden projects, please let us know if you would like them moved to your own shop on the marketplace!

We are very excited about the future possibilities that will come from this new marketplace and we hope you are too! Please visit to get registered for the new marketplace. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at We are excited to see makers like you thrive in our marketplace, where you can make more and earn more!


@MeticulousMaynard - You could definitely make $$$


The purchase response for projects on the market has already been pretty solid. If you’ve got some good projects to share (that you have physical cut outs to show), we really think this will be something that generates meaningful, passive income for this community.

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And it’s an upgrade from the Community Garden which has been a bit on the fritz. I am so excited to see all the work you guys are doing.

Might consider an autoredirect from the old domain instead of a click-me button. Maybe it’s just me (aging pre-retirement spam/security background) but the first time I saw that it tripped my “hacked???” internal warning

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We plan on it. We’ve got some backend things to complete first. :wink: