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Anyone in Miami Florida with a Maslow?


Hello . Is there anyone from Miami with a Maslow ?
I started a few weeks ago and would be nice if there is anyone close by to share some expertise and info


According to the map, there is at least one user in Miami, although they did not label their pin with a user name. @LakeWorthB is in West Palm Beach.


Yep I am 2 counties north in palm beach. Welcome.


Work in Miami Lakes. Live in Pembroke pines. But I just got my Maslow, So I don’t know how much help I can be. Let me know ??


I live in hollywood and saw you on the Maslow map. I am thinking of making a Maslow for furniture making and for art projects. I have a Glowforge laser cutter and a 3d printer. I would love to meet and talk about your experience with the Maslow and figure out if it is right for me.

Michael Crumpton