Anyone in Miami Florida with a Maslow?

Hello . Is there anyone from Miami with a Maslow ?
I started a few weeks ago and would be nice if there is anyone close by to share some expertise and info

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According to the map, there is at least one user in Miami, although they did not label their pin with a user name. @LakeWorthB is in West Palm Beach.

Yep I am 2 counties north in palm beach. Welcome.

Work in Miami Lakes. Live in Pembroke pines. But I just got my Maslow, So I don’t know how much help I can be. Let me know ??

I live in hollywood and saw you on the Maslow map. I am thinking of making a Maslow for furniture making and for art projects. I have a Glowforge laser cutter and a 3d printer. I would love to meet and talk about your experience with the Maslow and figure out if it is right for me.

Michael Crumpton

I am in Palmetto bay, just got the Maslow, but is not that easy to calibrate