Anyone selling a Maslow in or around Houston, Texas? Or anyone will to sell and ship one?

I just found out about the Maslow not to long ago and when I was ready to buy one they came out and said they were taking a break from production. :disappointed: so I’m looking to see if anyone has one for sale. Please let me know. Thanks guys!

Keep an eye open here on the Swap Meet. From experience with every batch a few kits show up here and the ‘last’ just went out or is to be shipped soon.
It’s a bit cumbersome to source the individual parts, but while waiting for a kit to show up, you can find some links here to make a shopping list just in case:

Good luck!


@Gchan :wink:

If anyone knows someone selling a maslow please let me know. I will send the money ASAP. Just in desperate need of one of these bad boys. I missed @M72alvarado sale by a couple hours… ugh.

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@Gchan I can double what you paid for this Maslow… haha I desperately need one!!

Are you still looking

Looking to sell my kit box opened never used will ship.