LED Acrylic sign

Hi All,
Two week a go I a call from my boss, that is part owner of a Ballroom Dance Competition (DBDC) Please don’t ask me what DBDC stands for cuz I have no Idea…,any ways… asking me if I could came up with a new design for this year letter display.
This is last year creation…

Made out of 1/4" Plywood and Pink Foam (Foamular 250) All done by hand.
With the addition of the Maslow to my shop/garage… For this year I thought I should came up with something that the Maslow would be involved…
So, I got 2 sheets of 3/4" Cast Acrylic at almost $700 each
And had the Maslow go to work.
I carved 3/8" into the acrylic.

After all 4 letters was cut, I move on to the base, and use the Maslow to cut the center slot where the Acrylic will be siting.IMG_2762

With all for bases done, lets install some LED into the letters… And the result is.

Tomorrow I will deliver everything and Hope he will like.

Thank you all.


If he doesn’t like it he’s crazy. Nice work!


Acrylic acts like a light pipe, it reflects off the two polished surfaces and mostly comes out in cuts and along the edges. For other projects you could put the LEDs along the edges. It’ll look different, your putting them along the edges of the letters gives a nice effect, but it’s an option.

Looks really cool! Nice work!

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I thought they were shining up from the bottom and catching the edges of the cuts, but I can’t zoom in and look closer.

They look great! $700 in acrylic you are BRAVE I would’ve been terrified to cut on that.


@Maslonians207 thank you!! I was planning on going to the outside with the LEDs but “Boss” though that on the inside would look better!
2x $700,00 plus Freight shipping, plus Plywood, 4- 2x4x8, LED strips, paint stuff, acrylic polishing supply and a bunch of odds and ends…
My total cost of this Project was $1874,32 and that does not include my time…


The in-letter LEDs are both unique and look great, guess that’s why he’s the boss.

Spendy project. Did you prototype part of it first or just go for broke?

get someone to sew protective fabric cases. Acrylic scratches very easily.

Yes that is on the make as I’m typing … will be done on tomorrow afternoon, before de competition is over.

Thank you.

And Here some more Pictures of the sign in use…


Not 100% but it looks like it’s the Downtown Boston Dance Competition or Club… of course it could just be “DBDC” isn’t an acronym anymore.

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