Anyone used "stock" Maslow HSS bits on aluminum?

Well, have ya?

Not sure if you’re referring to the Maslow bits on the store (those are carbide), but if you are, the answer is yes! I used the single flute 1/4" bit to cut 0.040" aluminum. I think I did it in 3 passes if I remember correctly, but that’s mostly 'cause I was tired of breaking bits.

Those are carbide??? I need to chuck those babies up in my Lagun(Bridge)port and see what they’ll do…

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i prefer smaller 4mm bits, they are cheaper and since they are smaller they can run faster which is what you want with aluminum, nice chips, not over heated dusts. also type of aluminum is very important diamond plate or 3000 series will gum up. while 6061 is harder and easier to cut, but very hard to find. 5000 series is pretty common and inbetween the two above.

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