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Anyone using strap hinges to attach the default frame to a wall?

anyone using strap hinges to attach the default frame to a wall?
one on top of each 2x4 leg? Seems like it would work in my head.

Nailing a short 2x4 to the wall above the frame would make attaching the hinge easier. shown on left.

Having the hinge behind the frame as shown on right would be tricker to attach the 2x4 to the hinge. One would need a 2nd helper to lift up the 2x4 to screw it to the wall stud.

I did a search on wall mounted frames and there are a few designs out there, but not in love with any of them.

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I’m about to build a hinging wall-mount frame and I’m considering attaching it like you sketched, with a small piece of 2"x4" above each leg. I’m curious how many of these hinges will be necessary for a safe weight distribution.

Also, looking at hinges, an alternative seems to be a garage door hinge (which is designed to hinge along a horizontal axis) instead of a gate/strap hinge (hinging on a vertical axis). Something like this:

the machine is not that heavy, two hinges should be enough

David Lang

Glad to hear you think 2 can be sufficient. I’m wondering whether all the mounting hardware can add up in weight.

I sketched up a design with 3 straps to suspend three 2’x4’s with a 10’ unistrut between them as a top beam. To mount the top beam, I cut three 2 foot long unistruts into 1-foot long pairs to fashion adjustable L-brackets. One leg of each bracket is bolted to a 2’x4’, and the other leg will suspend the 10’ unistrut.

Yes, I’m using these alternate sized gate strap hinges and i use the longer side on a 2x6 affixed to the wall and the thinner side on the top of my top beam. It holds just fine and the frame hangs about 0.5" off the ground when it is laying flat against the wall.